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The Primers (Introduction and Recruiting Thread)

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The Primers (Introduction and Recruiting Thread) Empty The Primers (Introduction and Recruiting Thread)

Post  Phoenix on Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:48 am

~The Primers~

When the whole Lore was falling into ashes in the reign of Sepulchure, Guardians, Dragonlords, and Star Captains did all they can to defeat the Undead Army of the Doomknight. Defenders also did their jobs in defending, but there was just too many Undead attacking the Lore. And so came the Primers. Primers are the Apprentices of Archknights and Paladins. They helped the heroes in defending the Lore in some times of Doom.


If you want to Sign Up for this Group, please fill up this form and post it on this Topic.

Reason of becoming a Primer:

The Head Moderator will add you guys in time if he can. So please be patient in waiting.


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